Please tell us your school name and post code

What year group did you use the Body Image and Advertising resources with?

How many girls or boys did you deliver the lesson to?

If you teach in a co-educational school, did you deliver the lessons…? (select one)

Which aspects of the Body Image and Advertising resources did you use with your class? (select all that apply)

Which chapters of the film did you show to your class? (select one)

Overall, how would you rate the Body Image and Advertising resources? (select all that apply)

Which year groups are the Body Image and Advertising resources best suited to? (select all that apply)

Prior to undertaking the lessons, to what extent would you agree that your pupils…? (select one response per line)

a) Were less informed about the advertising industry

b) Were less positive about their body image

Following the lesson(s), to what extent do you agree that your pupils understand the following…? (select one response per line)

That advertising is used for lots of different purposes

There are different forms of advertising e.g. vloggers are advertising the products they talk about

Techniques can be used to edit the images we see in adverts

They are equipped to decide for themselves how realistic an advert is

It is unrealistic to compare themselves to some of the people they see in adverts

Some adverts can influence behaviour in positive ways, e.g. be healthier, support charities

Their unique qualities and talents are more important than their appearance

That comparing themselves to unrealistic images can have a negative impact on their body image

That they can complain if they feel an advert is misleading, causes offense or could lead to harm

How likely are you to…? (select one response per line)

Recommend the Body Image and Advertising resources to a colleague

Use the Body Image and Advertising resources again

Use further resources that are produced by Media Smart

Recommend the Body Image and Advertising parent and guardian guide to parents

Following completion of the lessons, how much do you agree that creating these resources shows the advertising industry takes its responsibilities seriously? (select one)

Do you have any further comments to make about the current Media Smart Body Image and Advertising resources?

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